Monday, September 11, 2006

Am I a "Cesspool of Knowledge"?

I do not intend to use this blog to post about myself. However, I have receive a label that I find both hilarious and disturbing.

After finishing a wonderful IT conference in Redmond, Washington, I am at Seattle Airport awaiting my flight back to Phoenix. Individuals in my Phoenix users group told me yesterday that I have been very helpful and am a "Cesspool of Knowledge". After a hardy round of laughter, I was told that it was not derogatory term? Not derogatory? How about an unheard of term!

I hope they mean that I am like a junk yard. If you look long enough (or listen, in this case), you will receive a gem of knowledge. Well, guys, I will try to keep out the sluge and just bring you the gems.

BTW, if you are an IT professional, own your company, want to grow and/or better serve your clients, then get yourself to SMB Nation. You will not regret it!

** EDIT ** I got on my flight. The guy next to me was so happy to get in First Class, he drank 3 glasses of wine and spent the rest of the flight using an air sick bag.... Ughhhh!