Monday, July 24, 2006

You CAN have more than one person receive faxes by email in SBS 2003

I had a client that needed more than one person to be copied on faxes received by their SBS 2003 server in their email. I had email Microsoft on this issue, but the SBS expert that responded thought I was talking about something else. So, I set the issue aside to be answered at a later date.

I connected with the client today regarding another issue, and decided to try an experiment. I added 2 email addresses into the email address field, separated by a semicolon. The test fax went to both mail boxes! Hurray!

I know that some of you will say
Use a distribution list!
I did try a distribution list, but something wasn't right.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Intel finally kicks by in the Publishing Department

Well, it has taken some time. Intel finally got off their rear-end and bested AMD in every category!

Intel Core 2Duo Adobe Photoshop Tests

Maybe this will shut up those AMD geeks! At least, it makes it easier for me to continue selling Intel based servers and workstations.