Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Higher Roofs for Mailbox Limits

I have always believed that Exchange mailboxes were stuck at 2 Gigs maximum. What has supported this belief? The fact that 2097151 is the largest number that can be entered by using the GUI has always reinforced my impressions that the 2 Gig number was the absolute limit.

I got told tonight by Harold Wong, exceptional Microsoft Exchange expert, that the 2 gig limit did not exist in Exchange 2003. I have researched this tonight, and found that the GUI does have a 2 gig limit, but that limit can be set higher by using the ADSIEdit mmc snapin. Why set higher limits? To allow users to have more than 2 gigs in their mailboxes, but to have some control over maximum mailbox size.

"Increasing mailbox storage limits settings in exchange 2003" details how to do this.

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HandyAndy said...

Don't forget if ADSI Edit scares you, you can remove the limit altogether in the gui.