Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wherefore Art Thou, Workshop?

Pain and strain... Lack of sleep... Equipment malfunctions... Friends in the crowd hee-haw-ing at you... A nightmare? Well, sort of. I just planned and conducted my first workshop.

Susan and Dana, is it always like this?

The short version. We at the AZ SMB UG have been discussing the viability and subjects for Saturday training workshops, but had not had any recently. I have used ShadowProtect from StorageCraft and knew there was a new HIR version coming out. Storagecraft agreed to go through the beta version with some select IT guys. So, I volunteered to plan a workshop to facilitate putting the "squeeze" on the product beta. Sorry, I can't tell you what HIR stands for. That's why they call it a Non Disclosure Agreement (if you aren't Dis-close-tur the meeting, we Agree you get Non of the information, yuk, yuk).

What goes wrong when you plan a workshop? Quite alot. Clients suddenly want service, equipment doesn't get completely prepped, the equipment I supplied did not have the specs I thought they did, Virtual Server admin page cannot be displayed, etc. Griping, embarrassed, humiliated. Well, I can just get up again and do better next time.

Actually, though my high plans did not get accomplished, work did get done at the workshop, peer networking occurred, and other topics of interest got covered. :)

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