Saturday, June 16, 2007

Put an X-Man in your laptop bag

Many thanks to Brendan I. Koerner for putting the Lenovo T61 laptop's Magnesium Rollcage into perspective.

Thinkpads have an excellent reputation. With this latest line of the R61, T61, and X61 models, Lenovo had made them even better. Wow! True shock mounted hard drives! Rollcage on the main body and the lcd! Much increased cooling and a super quiet fan! And more!

Many have wrung their hands over Lenovo buying IBM's laptop and desktop divisions. Security concerns about the China connection are well published. If there is controvesy about this vendor and so many other products to choose from, why am I looking here? Thats easy.

Despite the political and economic angst, Lenovo has kept up the quality and actually improved on a legendary product. Panasonic with its Toughbook line is the one other vendor that I would place in this class. To be fair, I will let any other vendor prove to me that they are as tough and innovative as these two vendors. Any takers?

I am sooooo tired of consumer ( and some so called business grade) laptops that place my clients' data at risk and waste their time (and, by extension, my time)! Hard drives shoved into torturous hell holes, cases that flex like warped 2x4s, broken display hinges, excessive bottom heat that lowers your chance of having children... Enough!!

Some of this is my fault, of course. Personally, I thought my clients would not pay for "business grade" laptops. I did not see enough difference to speak with conviction that such units were worth the extra dough. Some recent experiences, though, have left me wanting more for my clients.

They may not be made of "adamantium", but I am going to do my best to put these "super skeletons" in my clients' laptop cases.