Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Facing a Tough Crowd

I had my first presentation at a conference with a national audience. Computer Troubleshooters had their national conference here in Phoenix. They had some requests for a speaker on SBS 2008. I got a call for a local expert that could present on that subject. Well, I am not that expert, so I roped Mike Effertz into doing the show. He is our hands down best expert on SBS 2008 in the AZ SMB Users Group. Mike carried most of the load. I had been doing alot with migration for SBS 2008, so I volunteered to do an overview of the options for migrating to SBS 2008.

All in all, it went quite well. The CT crowd was kind to us. We did not stumble in the presentation. Questions were intelligent. I may have to do this again.

One thing I did discover. Between Mike and I, we had a combined total 48 YEARS in business. Wow!

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