Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Your Prospects Don't See Value...

Or even your existing clients do not see the value in your services, you get situations like these.

Of course, we do not sell prepackage videos or a casual meal. Both of those were not necessary, but optional services that the clients could have done without. We sell productivity, business continiuty, no worries, etc. Don't you? If you see yourself selling network infrastructure and cannot translate that into the above topics in your prospects mind, you are much more vunerable to what happens in the video.

Don't get me wrong. Not all prospects (or clients) will get the value proposition, no matter how good you are at relating value. You will always appear to them as the evil company attempting to get their money. Unless you are starving, walk away from them.

Many thanks to Joel Simpson at Simpson Computing in NC for bringing this video to the attention of the SBS Group Leads. He is a class act.

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