Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Its Christmas in June! The twinkles in your clients eyes...

Clients do not realize how many treasures are still hidden away inside their SBS server. For whatever reason, lots of SBS servers out there are not having their secondary features used. Features such as SBS Connector, RWW, OWA, etc. Opening up those features for your clients is like giving them Christmas gifts they have already paid for.

I have a client that had a SBS 2003 server that was not being utilized for its SBS features. They had pain points that they did not know they had the solution for. After telling the clients about the goodness they were missing out on, they had me expose these features so they could use them. In this case, the client was worried about checking their accounting while out of town. Hey, tailor made problem for RWW. A few router changes and some basic training, and Voila!. Now, even though I had explained the features they were getting, their faces lit up when they actually "experienced" the feature. Reminded me of Christmas morning. The kid knows what they will get. Its the experience of getting it that that gives the kid..eh..client the positive emotional rush.

Trust me. A positive emotion from your client about something you made happen... candycane for you. So, check your clients and see if there are pain points that you already have the solutions in place for. Our clients under utilize the systems we have already put in place. Unwrap any presents that your clients haven't yet discovered, and spread some Christmas cheer!

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