Monday, July 13, 2009

Attending WPC09...Virtually!

Microsoft has given us partners a great window into its yearly massive partner conference. Susan Bradley sent out an email today with the links to Digital WPC, the website where "everything" Worldwide Partner Conference will be available over the web. I took time out today to watch the Keynote Videos. Almost 3 hours of powerful stuff with lots of annoucements about overall direction, Office 2010 Desktop and Web Editions (watch out Google Apps), and Windows 7 (watch out Vista and Mac OS). My hat is off to Microsoft for making these resources available. With Silverlight, its almost like being there.

Wweeelll, its not the same as being in New Orleans. The pushing, shoving, scrambling for seats, sore feet, lots of BEADS, lack of sleep... need I go on? As I hinted in earlier posts, I love conferences. However, WPC is the MOTHER of Conferences. Its size makes it unwieldy, exhausting, and mind boggling. Its like gorging on fine chocolate until you can't stand the sight of it. Yet...I would love to be there. The secret is being selective and not worrying about all the events that you can't make. Maybe next year...

I know that Frank Vers and Michael Coconower from our local Arizona SMB Users Group made the trek to New Orleans. They will get the full experience. I will only get a piece of it, but I can watch from my couch with my favorite beverage. ;)

If you want to know where Microsoft is going and how to work alongside them, you better be watching these Keynote Videos.

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