Sunday, July 12, 2009

Behavior Monitoring and Peachtree Issues in Worry Free 6.0...

Behavior Monitoring is one of those features for watching apps to see if they "stray" from what programs should normally do.

I had installed TrendMicro Worry Free 6.0 at a client, updating the client from TrendMicro CSM 3.6. The client had no issues running Peachtree 2009 before the upgrade. After I completed the upgrade on the server and the workstations, Peachtree would take a very long time (up to one minute) to open.

I checked back with the server. Peachtree program directory was excluded. Check. Disabled the Active Scan on the server and workstations and made sure the changes took effect. Still same problem. Hummm. (Rubbed chin) I did remember that Bill Kam said something about Behavior Monitoring having an issue in the initial release of WF 6.0. By default, it would be disabled. Checked the Behavior Monitoring settings. It was on. Still should not cause this type of problem. Disabled Behavior Monitoring on the server and the workstations. Made sure ya-da-da-da-da-da, you know. Peachtree opened quickly. According to the client, the same as before the upgrade. Hummm. (Rubbed chin again)

Bill Kam is one of those choice people that all vendors should fight over. He had said to email him whenever we had an issue. So, I emailed him about this. He opened a trouble ticket and I got an immediate call from Trend support. Turned out that this issue with Peachtree had just surfaced. They had already created a hotfix to correct the issue inside Worry Free for Peachtree and other programs that had a similar behavior. I declined to apply the patch as it involved extra work (I AM lazy, after all). They bugged me over the next 2 weeks about applying that patch. That is good tech support there. Now, there is no longer a need to apply the hotfix. As of July 6, the hotfix was rolled into the automatic def and program updates.

Again, I cannot say enough about Bill and the program support he gives us.

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