Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Frankenstein Backup Solutions, Please...

If you are creating your own backup solutions out of open source software, BEWARE! Unless you are willing to invest in the support staff to really know that software inside and out, don't risk your clients' data (and business survival) on it.

I was talking to Jim Hunton last night about some things that he is finding at new prospects that will scare the life right out of you. Solutions that were "stitched" together open source programs that had no builtin monitoring or alerting abilities. He and I both agreed that the responsible IT consultant is going to use disaster prevention solutions that have been thoroughly tested, have a support desk with engineers when we need them, and that we can thoroughly train ourselves on.

Now, I am all for experimentation. If you want to take some Rsync and some SSH and mix it with instructions from some internet forums to produce your own low cost backup solution, then go ahead. Heat the test tubes in your lab and howl at the moon while you do it. Sew a lot with the needle and fishing line, and beat your chest about how smart you are. But don't visit your creation on your clients. Use REAL, PROFESSIONAL, SUPPORTED disaster prevention software, and spend the time LEARNING it.

Before you pull out the client cost issue, STOP! I don't want to hear it. Cheap is CHEAP. Free is UNSUPPORTED. We are talking about the ULTIMATE protection for your client. Quit being a wimp! Get in there and sell them the good stuff that you know works and you can get support for when the need arises.

You know, in the end, it turned out bad for Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. Don't let it turn out bad for you and your clients.

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